You Are Not Your Mind

Our minds are always on the go, if not in overdrive, ruminating about things we have to get done, things we didn’t get done, things we said, didn’t say, will say…These criticisms, worries, and regrets are in infinite supply, flowing effortlessly through our minds constantly. We might not even notice them, but they are certainly not making our days better.

This video portrays a typical day in the life of the over-thinker and the negative energy that expresses itself through all her interactions with the world. But we don’t just have bad days, we make them. How often do we remember that we always have choices? At every turn, we have opportunities to choose peace, and even happiness. This video will open your eyes to the power you have over all situations. Check it out! Pass it on!

You Are NOT Your Mind

Posted by Uplifting Content – Because The World Needs More Of It on Monday, March 21, 2016

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