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Alexandra Legouix is a professional tv presenter, vlogger and corporate event host. She is probably best known as the main face & pitlane reporter of Eurosport & FOX Sport’s live coverage of the FIA WTCR World Touring Car Cup.

Before discovering her passion for yoga Alexandra originally trained as a Fitness Instructor, a dance instructor and Personal Trainer. Her work as a TV presenter takes her all around the world so she began to explore different styles of yoga and learnt from many fantastic teachers globally. Under the guidance of some of the world’s best yoga gurus she trained at a renowned ashram gaining her teaching qualifications and advancing her knowledge and skill. Since then Alexandra has taught in various ashrams and yoga centres and has built up her reputation as a wonderful teacher.

Enter to win a free DVD download of “Yoga Made Simple” by Alexandra Legouix!

If you have been intrigued by yoga but felt too intimidated to enroll in a class or you feel it will be too hard at this stage, or you just want some workout time at home, this yoga programme can help you. ‘Yoga Made Simple’ will focus on the foundations and the basics. This is your place to grow, increase your flexibility and build strength within your body. There’s a Beginners programme that also has an ‘Improvers’ aspect to it giving you more options and a chance to push yourself a little further when you feel ready. No rush though. You’ll see your body change and evolve as you practise more and more. This programme is divided in to four ‘bite size’ workout sections: Stretch, Core, Energy and Relaxation designed to give you more freedom. You can mix and match as you wish depending on your mood and time constraints. You can choose to do one workout section or if you have more time you can do all four sections together giving you a much fuller workout.

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