Why Pain Is Not As Bad As It Seems

Pain comes in all different forms and intensities, and usually we cannot predict when, where, or how it will arise. Because it hurts, a natural response is to view it as an antagonist, something to fight against and silence. But really, it’s just a communicator, trying to tell us something. It’s immediate message is obvious: something is causing the body harm in a particular place that we should give our attention to. It also is telling us something perhaps more profound, more symbolic. Rocky Korda has shared with us a huge lesson he gleaned from a TED Talk about our relationship with it.

“I saw this beautiful video on Ted talks by a woman named Elizabeth Lesser, who talks about being open about your feelings and being authentic with others’. I scooped out a sentence she said throughout the lecture that I found extremely beautiful and empowering. She said this: “Ask the pain what it’s come to deliver. Something new wants to be born” and i thought, ‘wow! that is one way of looking at pain!’. Meaning, it teaches you a few valuable lessons in life: a) pain is a process; it’s not a thing–it is temporary and it will go away b) it’s here for a purpose–and the purpose is not for you to be in pain, but to learn from it and c) embrace the pain in a way that you can gain from it. If you see pain as something that is here to bring something to life, then it’s a good thing. And it hurts less.”

If you want to see the original TED Talk, click the link below. We all experience pain, so share this with others to help them see this sensation in a new way.

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