Enter to WIN the BOOK “Mastering Respectful Confrontation” and a One-Hour Coaching Session with Joe Weston (Closed)

Confrontation is the antidote to conflict.

Using research from neuroscience, innovative somatic practices, martial arts disciplines, and philosophies and theories on human behavior and conflict resolution, Respectful Confrontation creates a multi-dimensional approach that helps people take theory and integrate it into daily life for a confident, dexterous use of assertiveness that is mutually empowering.

ENTER to WIN the the BOOK “Mastering Respectful Confrontation” and a One-Hour Coaching Session with Joe Weston.

This Giveaway is the book version of the dynamic training, Mastering Respectful Confrontation! This extensive and comprehensive guide is full of all the inspiring practices and exercises that help you open to personal freedom and empowered, collaborative engagement.

A Guide to Personal Freedom and Empowered, Collaborative Engagement


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Enter to WIN Your One Word: The Powerful Secret to Creating a Business and Life That Matter Book By Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael shares the secret to pushing your path to success on your own terms using this bold and empowering guide. With thought-provoking questions and inspiring, instructive examples, Your One Word will help you nail down your personal mottos – the word that captures your purpose and passion.

You will then learn how to leverage this tool to create the business and future of your dreams.

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ENTER to WIN the #AmplifyHer Graphic Novel (Closed)

With 7 Chapters and 144 pages, the #AmplifyHer Graphic Novel contains 7 original stories imagined, written, and illustrated by wonderful female creators, with a special inclusion of the concept sketches and a behind the scenes look at the creation process.


The seven characters are CloZee, AppleCat, Blondtron, WALA, A Hundred Drums, Kytami and Lux Moderna who each navigate the international electronic music scene while wrestling with their own personal struggles. Each chapter looks and feels a little different. Together they tell the story of a new era of feminine expression.

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Enter to Win a VRYeveryday Mood Balancing Supplement Set (Closed)

With the mission to help and support emotional wellness, mental health and biochemical recovery, Rynda Laurel and her team founded VRYeveryday. Using nutrition, supplements and varies wellness modalities.

The set contains 5 Mood Balancing Supplements for Mental Health and Wellbeing. Encapsulated Amino Acids + Herbs + Minerals + Vitamin Co-Factors. Non-GMO, VEGAN, No Gluten or Soy. The Quality is Assured Manufacturing in a GMP Facility in the USA.

The Feel VRY Well Set includes all 5 current products, a $153 value.



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