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What keeps you uplifted?

Sometimes life can be hard. We get it. And while it would be great to be able to hit the pause button and take the time to fully recharge, it simply doesn’t work that way. So how do the game changers of today’s world manage to stay uplifted and moving forward towards their goals? What are some of the best pieces of advice that they can share with us?

In this speaker series, we have gathered up some incredibly inspiring individuals to ask them these questions and gain insight into what makes them tick and how we can apply these insights into our own lives. From motivational speakers and life coaches to authors and content creators, we are so excited to offer you access to this life-changing information.

Enjoy this complimentary interview with Jay Shetty and co-host Adam Roa 

on the topic of how to stay uplifted.

To learn more about Jay Shetty go to | 

To learn more about Adam Roa go to

Watch The Uplifting Content Summit Whenever You Want!

The Uplifting Content Summit is over. If you missed any of the interviews or would like to have them to watch whenever you need to feel uplifted, they are now available to purchase for $14.99. This will give you access to the life-changing wisdom and information forever. By purchasing the interviews you will receive a downloadable version of them and will be able to listen to them at your convenience.

All speaker interviews are included in their entirety. These are game-changing leaders who regularly get paid hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for just an hour of their time, and you can have them all. What a way to stay uplifted!

Here's What You're Buying!

MICHAEL GRAZIANO – Seeing The World As Home

Michael Graziano i s attempting to be the youngest North American male to visit all
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KYLE CEASE – Evolving Out Loud

With two #1 Comedy Central specials to his credit, comedian and transformational speaker Kyle Cease
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JENNA PHILLIPS BALLARD – Being Fearlessly Yourself

Jenna began her career in 2006 as a certified personal trainer and life coach for
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CHRISTINE HASSLER – Tips Galore On How To Stay Uplifted!

Christine Hassler is an author, keynote speaker, Master Coach, Host of the podcast, “Over It
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PETA KELLY – Being In The Now

Peta is an entrepreneur, Founder of The Supercharged – a mentoring hub for conscious millennial
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ADAM SIDDIQ – Staying Uplifted During The Creative Process

Adam Siddiq is a writer that’s been featured on The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Elite
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DONNY EPSTEIN – Redefining What It Means To Be Uplifted

Donny Epstein’s EpiEnergetic technologies extend from evolutionary health care, self-help tools and personal typologies to
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ALEXI PANOS – Change Comes From Within

A leader in the Emergent Wisdom movement, Alexi Panos is on a mission to make
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KATE MAREE O’BRIEN – The Importance of Creativity

Kate Maree O’Brien is a content creator, speaker, actress and workshop facilitator. In this episode
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AZRYA COHEN – Being Your Authentic Self

An actress, filmmaker and conscious artist by profession, Azrya intuitively and mindfully mentors passionate, motivated
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PRESTON SMILES – Not Letting Your Story Define You

With the success of his new books LOVE LOUDER 33, ways to amplify your life
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