Is It Possible To Not Be Insecure About Our Bodies?

No two bodies are alike. We all are different sizes and shapes, and  we should value this; however, from a young age, we learn to reject ourselves, to cover up our “flaws,” and to sometimes even be disgusted with what we look like.

Kate Maree O’Brien asserts that this is not okay and not normal. She’s right. In reality, there is no right way to look. Flaws are subjective. For every type of body, there is a person who is attracted to it.

After almost dying from self-rejection and anorexia, Kate turned her self-image around. This video is proof of her newfound comfort in her natural body. Portrayed doing a nude photoshoot, she proclaims she’s proud of her rolls and stretch marks.

We all have insecurities. But we don’t have to. Click on this video and share the post to help create a world where we all can love our physical bodies just the way they are.

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