I Just Sued The School System!!!

Five days a week, children must go to school, where they are placed among peers and taught the same subjects in the same classroom set up that we’ve been using for the last 150 years. Then, if they don’t succeed in these few subjects, by taking the same tests from the same books as everyone else, they are made to feel inferior and even worthless.

The result is that all these children end up thinking they aren’t smart, when really they just haven’t been given the opportunity to find their genius. In fact, the archaic set up of the school system actually discourages the blossoming of their individual talents.

In this video, Prince Ea is suing the school system for killing progression, creativity, and individuality. In front of a courtroom jury, he makes a compelling case for reform like you’ve never seen before.

Watch and be a member of the jury yourself. Then share if you agree!  

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