How To Join A Community Of Young Peacemakers

Building and maintaining functioning, peaceful communities starts with our youth. With the Serve 2 Unite organization behind them, children are developing the skills and mindsets that make up a peaceful world as peacemakers. They lead, they collaborate and they engage. Just take a look at some of these student projects!

These students could really benefit from your help too. Here’s some information from Serve 2 Unite’s Arno Michaelis:

In the wake of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin shooting on August 5th, 2012, Serve 2 Unite emerged in a spirit of defiance. The hate behind the murders was met with an ongoing practice of fearless, creative, compassion. Rooted in the principles of service to others, and relentless optimism in the face of adversity, Serve 2 Unite today engages young people of all backgrounds to value humanity and the aspiration of living a genuine, honest life as a peacemaker.

The S2U school program delivers creative service learning and global engagement, all stitched together with the arts. Our students conceive and carry out service projects that help people in need and overcome challenges in our communities, with guidance and inspiration from a magnificent cast of global mentors. This work is arts-driven and documented by the students themselves via all sorts of fearless creative expression.

We encourage you to suggest ways people can support that does not just include giving money, such as volunteering, providing resources, services or skills: Sharing the inspirational work our young people do amplifies their voices while it cultivates peace in our society.

Please share S2U content in your social networks! Organize a creative service project in your area and we’ll be happy to help make it successful! Contact us with your idea.

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