Girls: No Matter How Down You Feel, You’re Not Alone

A Bold Girl is Who I Am! is a beautiful marriage of inspiring content, clever design, and witty insight. This 3-in-1 book series is written to explore the vast landscape of emotions that adolescent girls experience – from tragedy and despair to joy and elatement. Though it touches on the hardships many young women face, it more importantly provides a heartfelt look at the other side, the light at the end of the tunnel. This approach was carefully chosen in order to help reduce the allure of suicide attempts, suicides and self-harm so many adolescent girls experience.

Nkechie Ilori explains, “I want the world to see the pain, the beauty, the reality of growing up female. I want people to understand a young woman’s powerlessness AND unwavering strength. A Bold Girl is Who I Am! is my way of speaking out on their behalf, and to them.”

The three books were written after careful analysis of teen girls age 12 to 19. In a survey of 333 young women from 11 global ethnicities, the following was determined:

1. Well over half of the respondents wish to change their physical appearance, namely their physique;

2. A staggering 56% of the girls report that they do not love themselves; 25% said they do love themselves; and the remaining 19% weren’t sure;

3. Nearly 2/3 of the respondents (71%) indicated that they do not talk to their parents about how they feel.

Ilori has defined three current action steps you can take to help bring healing love and acceptance to girls everywhere:

1. I would very much like support from REAL LIFE STORIES of girls who had it tough, but came out strong by confronting the status quo.

2. People can also kindly share the Kickstarter link

3. Thirdly, I’d like service provision, such as printing out the A1 fliers and spreading the word in their communities

This was an Uplifting Causes submission. Thank you Nkechi for submitting this cause to the Uplifting Content Community and doing your part in helping make the world a better place.

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