Free Contagious Smiles!

Free contagious smiles!

Prepare for some seriously contagious smiles in this video. Roberto Corona’s childlike, joyous smile is traveling the world and spreading its exuberance. On his extensive journeying, he meets all sorts of interesting people who look all sorts of different ways, but you can clearly see, and feel, that they all share a smile, and the attached positive emotions.

“I’m Collecting Smiles, Roberto tell us. My goal is to inspire the world to find in gratitude the key to happiness, understanding that doesn’t matter how different we might be a smile connect us and become the universal language. I want to share a uplifting story of people of every country in the world, so I’m traveling activating a movement of kindness and generosity, staying with locals and learning from them. So far I’ve been in 50 countries already, and I hope I’m able to complete my collection with the help of everyone that want to join me :)”

If you want to smile, watch the video below and share the links with anyone you want. After all we could all use a smile!

Collecting Smiles




Roberto Corona



This was a My Uplifting Content Submission. Thank you Roberto for submitting your work to the Uplifting Content Community.

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