Free Breastforms For Women!

Sometimes the physical and psychological effects of illness and surgery can be long-lasting, affecting self-identity and self-confidence. Whether you’ve had operations to treat breast cancer or were born with breast malformation, Awesome Breastforms can help you feel confident and like yourself again. Major bonus: they are free and made with love! Read on for more details.

The Product

Awesome Breastforms makes hand knitted or crocheted breastforms for all women who have had mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery, or who have experienced less than great reconstruction or developmental complications. Our breastforms are cooler to wear, softer and much lighter to wear than traditional silicone prosthetics. They are made of the softest cotton yarns available and are also washable. We also make swimforms! Our breastforms are free to all women who order, anywhere in the world. Our breastforms are all made by volunteers who pay for all supplies and postage themselves. Doctors and professional offices can also order Sample Packs for their offices at no charge. We have hundreds of Sample Packs in offices across the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, and England.

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