Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives

We are all here for a limited amount of time, so let’s live a fulfilling life while we can! Asked their biggest regrets, people near end of life say it’s the things they didn’t do. So if your life were to come to the end right now, what would you regret not doing?

Prince Ea offers the idea that we are here to live out our dream, but we don’t choose dreams; they choose us. And if we don’t follow them, we end up depriving not only ourselves, but everyone else of the gifts we have to offer.

All we need is courage to go for the dream that picks us. Of course there will be struggles along the way, (that’s part of it) but the alternative is the struggle of regret for not really living, for allowing doubt to snuff out our flame that has the potential to light up the world.

There is no do over. And it’s not too late. What will you do now? Let this video be a catalyst to go out and live the life you want! Don’t forget to share this post to inspire more people!

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