Enter To Win A Tailor-Made Meditation From Ariana Hall (Closed)

Ariana Hall is a secret weapon for the “Post #MeToo” man who wishes to lead by example and become part of the solution. She specializes in communication, public speaking, and all types of relationships. As a professional singer, her touring experience has taken her around the world and put her in front of about one million audience members. Ariana is also a certified Tantra Instructor.

Enter To Win A Tailor-Made Meditation From Ariana Hall

Ariana’s tailor-made meditation is designed to include specific techniques for each individual to use to help them move toward their own goals. This will be a completely unique tantric meditation for each person, though it will not be sexual in nature, even if sexual support is requested. They will be “rated PG”. All meditations will be “solo practices”, they are designed to be done alone and are designed for the specific individual.

The Giveaway has ended and we have selected a winner.

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