Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Inspired by spending time in Africa where he witnessed firsthand the destruction of the rainforest, Prince Ea crafts a message for future generations. He apologizes to our future in a spoken word performance about what we are doing to our planet. Unless we change directions, he foresees a time when we will have to hear stories of what trees were and how they once literally breathed life into this planet. We are living in a world where the desire for money, ironically made from trees, is leading to our downfall

In a compelling entreaty to look beyond our selfish, monetary pursuits, he reminds us that it is not too late to care for our world before there is nothing–and no one–left.

This video fosters feelings of a connected Earth family and offers a way to hold out our hands in solidarity for the protection of our beautiful, benevolent trees. Click and share to help preserve our home!

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