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Matt Haig is a British author and writes for children and adults. His memoir Reasons to Stay Alive was a number one bestseller, staying in the British top ten for 46 weeks. His children’s book A Boy Called Christmas was a runaway hit, is translated in over 25 languages and is being made into a film by Studio Canal. His novels for adults include the award-winning The Radleys and The Humans.

Enter to win “Notes On A Nervous Planet” by Matt Haig!

The world is messing with our minds.

Rates of stress and anxiety are rising. A fast, nervous planet is creating fast and nervous lives. We are more connected, yet feel more alone. And we are encouraged to worry about everything from world politics to our body mass index.
– How can we stay sane on a planet that makes us mad?
– How do we stay human in a technological world?
– How do we feel happy when we are encouraged to be anxious?

After experiencing years of anxiety and panic attacks, these questions became urgent matters of life and death for Matt Haig. And he began to look for the link between what he felt and the world around him. Notes on a Nervous Planet is a personal and vital look at how to feel happy, human and whole in the twenty-first century.

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Tiffany Cruikshank is known for her lighthearted attention to detail and passionate dedication to the practice. With her training in Acupuncture & Sports Medicine her yoga classes are guided by a strong anatomic focus intermingled with her characteristic playfulness using movement as medicine.

She travels the globe inspiring people all over the world to live their lives to the fullest. Her book, Optimal Health For A Vibrant Life, was recently published as a 30 day detox for yogis.

Enter to win a Free Online Course “Ayurveda – Yoga For The Doshas”!

This course is for anyone interested in learning more about the Doshas through an Ayurvedic lense. The three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – will be discussed, then followed with an asana practice. You will learn how to apply yoga for pacifying Vata, Pitta and then clearing Kapha. The practices are not meant to cure any disease, but instead, are meant to deepen your understanding of the doshas and how you can work towards balance. This deeper understanding will give insight into adaptations to include in your personal practice which can also be incorporated into group classes or your private client sessions.


• Ayurveda for the Doshas features approximately 4.5 hours, including 3 guided yoga practices
• Downloadable course handout
• Please note that this course does not apply hours towards the 500/1000hr program and there is no certificate of completion.

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Twice As Warm is a clothing brand with a mission to provide warmth, hope, and support to people and communities in need around the world. For every purchase of one of their products they provide a new item of clothing to a person in need: “Wear One, Give One”

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Twice As Warm’s products are high quality and made in USA to keep you warm and spread warmth to others.

Win “Habits For Success” by G. Brian Benson!

G. Brian Benson’s mission is to wake up the world with conscious, thought-provoking media that inspires. As founder of Reawaken Media, Brian an award-winning author, filmmaker, actor and TEDx speaker, knows the value of trusting intuition and wants to share his own personal journey of self-growth, discovery and accomplishment to help others re-connect with their own personal truths to live an authentic and fulfilling life.

Enter to win “Habits For Success” by G. Brian Benson!

• A practical and motivational book with inspiring ideas to help you soar, a perfect blueprint to help manifest a life of progress, purpose and fulfillment. It is an informative, inspiring and unique look at growth, self-awareness and success.

• A self-help book for an authentic life written creatively, consciously and with heart. Using Brian’s own experiences, he weaves authenticity and vulnerability into his habits, ideas and stories to entertain and inspire the reader. They are beacons of light, hope and possibility, which guide the reader to their own personal version of success and happiness while helping give them permission to take their own journey and to build a foundation of strength for the long run.

• Increase your self-awareness and manifest your dreams. It is a wonderful mix of heart, informative ideas and entertaining journey. It is a self-help book that doesn’t feel like one. The insights shared and the tools provided are tailored for life-long success.

• Readers will learn 46 unique, informative and life changing habits to manifest successful change.

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Alexandra Legouix is a professional tv presenter, vlogger and corporate event host. She is probably best known as the main face & pitlane reporter of Eurosport & FOX Sport’s live coverage of the FIA WTCR World Touring Car Cup.

Before discovering her passion for yoga Alexandra originally trained as a Fitness Instructor, a dance instructor and Personal Trainer. Her work as a TV presenter takes her all around the world so she began to explore different styles of yoga and learnt from many fantastic teachers globally. Under the guidance of some of the world’s best yoga gurus she trained at a renowned ashram gaining her teaching qualifications and advancing her knowledge and skill. Since then Alexandra has taught in various ashrams and yoga centres and has built up her reputation as a wonderful teacher.

Enter to win a free DVD download of “Yoga Made Simple” by Alexandra Legouix!

If you have been intrigued by yoga but felt too intimidated to enroll in a class or you feel it will be too hard at this stage, or you just want some workout time at home, this yoga programme can help you. ‘Yoga Made Simple’ will focus on the foundations and the basics. This is your place to grow, increase your flexibility and build strength within your body. There’s a Beginners programme that also has an ‘Improvers’ aspect to it giving you more options and a chance to push yourself a little further when you feel ready. No rush though. You’ll see your body change and evolve as you practise more and more. This programme is divided in to four ‘bite size’ workout sections: Stretch, Core, Energy and Relaxation designed to give you more freedom. You can mix and match as you wish depending on your mood and time constraints. You can choose to do one workout section or if you have more time you can do all four sections together giving you a much fuller workout.

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Jackson MacKenzie is a leading voice on recovering from toxic relationships, a deeply insightful guide to getting back to your old self again in order to truly heal and move on. He has helped millions of people in their struggle to understand the experience of toxic relationships. His first book, Psychopath Free, explained how to identify and survive the immediate situation.

Enter to win “Whole Again” by Jackson Mackenzie!

In this highly anticipated new book, he guides readers on what to do next, how to fully heal from abuse in order to find love and acceptance for the self and others. It offers hope and multiple strategies to anyone who has survived a toxic relationship, as well as anyone suffering the effects of a breakup involving lying, cheating and other forms of abuse to release old wounds and safely let the love back inside where it belongs.

Through his close work with and deep connection to thousands of survivors of abusive relationships Jackson discovered that most survivors have symptoms of trauma long after the relationship is over. These range from feelings of numbness and emptiness to depression, perfectionism, substance abuse, and many more. But he’s also found that it is possible to work through these symptoms and find love on the other side, and this book shows how. Through a practice of mindfulness, introspection, and exercises using specific tools, readers learn to identify the protective self they’ve developed – and uncover the core self, so that they can finally move on to live a full and authentic life–to once again feel light, free, and whole, and ready to love again.

This book addresses and provides crucial guidance on topics and conditions like: complex PTSD, Narcissistic abuse, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Codependency, Core wounding, toxic shame, Borderline Personality Disorder, and so many more.

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Danette May is America’s Leading Health Expert, and the founder of Mindful Health, LLC and The Rise movement, a motivational speaker, #1 best-selling author of seven health and women’s empowerment books, former celebrity fitness trainer, wife, and mother.

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The Rise” delves deep into your soul’s calling to unlock the tools to help you manifest your heart’s deepest desire.

After the tragic loss of her son and a marriage that ended in divorce and near-bankruptcy, Danette May found her life in shambles. But when faced with little support, she began to hear a voice inside her telling her it was time.

May never predicted that her journey would take her into a world bikini competition, to a sacred healer in Costa Rica, or through a process of heart-wrenching forgiveness. And she definitely didn’t know it would lead to establishing her own international business, touching the lives of millions of people around the world. Yet it was her soul’s calling that led her there.

With raw honesty and shocking vulnerability, May shares her own radical truth and insights of self-love and forgiveness to help you manifest the fullest expression of yourself. She distills the essence of sparking your own transformation and guides you through the small daily “hinges” that will open life’s doors for you.

The time has come for you to connect with your greatest self. The time has come for you to rise.