A Few Easy Things You Can Do Today To Change The World

Every day, we have so many opportunities to act in small yet significant ways. These actions don’t take long, and aren’t even difficult. In fact, they really are quite pleasurable. Want to know what I mean? Watch the young man in this video in his daily routine walk through the neighborhood.

To help a stranger, or even change the world, we don’t have to have anything physical to offer. We can all easily be like this guy, and you’ll probably want to be after seeing this touching footage.

The connection, the learning, the understanding, the love that results from passing on kindness is infinite and priceless. Watch this video, share, and make the world better one person at a time!


A Boy Encounters New, Unexpected Love

A lot of us have been where this boy is in this animated short: the beginning of a confusing, yet incredible, journey of new love. The ups and downs surrounding a new love interest can be overwhelming, not to mention the added uncertainty and shame that can arise when navigating an LGBT romance.

Every moment of this video is captivating. Even though it has no words, the characters, the music, the emotions, the symbolism will just make you want to sigh, or cry, or smile, or… just watch it and see!

Love has no limits. Sometimes it just needs some encouragement to grow and spread. Share this video to spread a beautiful story and message!