Help Save Africa’s Endangered Species!

All living organisms are precious. They all contribute to the exquisitely balanced ecosystem we call Earth. As humans, such an advanced and conscious species, we have a role too, and part of it is to protect and peacefully coexist. We have developed the technology-fueled power to steal the ivory from elephants and the horns from rhinos, leaving them to die. But that doesn’t mean that we’ve acquired the right to inflict this unnecessary harm and endangered entire species’ existence.

Fortunately, our collective humanity also has the ability to restore equilibrium when it shifts out of balance. You may not have known it, but you can help too–right now. One great way to pitch in is with Over and Above Africa, an organization with a mission to end poaching for good. Here’s a message from the founder, Kerry David:

We raise funds from a global community and give to the people and projects we know to be effective in the fight to end poaching and the wildlife trafficking of Africa’s endangered species.

Check out our latest mini-doc about elephant relocation & de-horning rhino in Africa.

Three things make us unique; we use micro-financing (small donations from multiple countries), we are a membership site ($5 a month) and we are fully transparent; we film the funds we give away in action and then bring these mini-docs back to our members to SEE and EXPERIENCE the effect of their contributions in action.

We are always looking for help in spreading our messaging so that everyone can be aware of the crisis for endangered animals in Africa. We need help in growing our membership base ($5 a month to save a species!). The more people who join us, the more ground initiatives we can support.

We would love help in creating a game app, and an app for our site – we are entirely volunteer run, nobody takes a salary so volunteers would be incredibly helpful with this. We are also always looking for ways to improve our website. Any feedback would be most welcome! Thank you so much!

Kerry David Founder – Over and Above Africa

Please visit the following links to stand up for all those animals who need us. And pass this along to anyone you know who wants to keep the animal kingdom alive and well! .


CrowdRise –  Raising funds to help meet the needs of the men and women on the front lines of Africa’s tragic poaching crisis

GoFundMe – Raising funds for a new anti-poaching unit in Africa

Facebook (Huge reveal coming soon!)



Press and Media

Boots for Rangers Fundraiser

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5 Simple Steps To Feel Thankful Even When Your Life Is Down The Toilet

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

You don’t believe in it anymore.

At least, not at the moment.

You know, when they say you have to appreciate life to feel happy. And you tried. You really did.

But come on, you need to have a reason to feel thankful.

That you don’t have now.

Right now, you can’t even think of anything to lift your mood up. You feel your life is messed up.

How often do you feel that way?

Maybe it’s when you just got fired from your job, or your boss didn’t give credit for the hard work you do. Or maybe it’s when you just had a big fight with your partner and you felt like you guys had nothing in common. Or when everything you touched would turn into broken pieces, you spilled your coffee to the precious tablecloth, you forgot to save an important file before the power’s off.

It seems that bad things happen in a row and once they start, they will not stop.

And you are right. They will not stop until either you break everything you have in your life or you are not in a bad mood anymore.

Apparently, your best choice is to stop being in a bad mood, as quick as possible before you either hurt yourself or someone else.

Here are 5 incredibly simple steps to feel thankful, they work even when you think your life is down the toilet.

Take Long, Deep Breaths

This is the crucial first step. No matter what you are doing or how urgent it is or how bad you screw up, it can wait for couple minutes.

When life goes down south, we often freak out and do lots of things without careful consideration in the effort of trying to fix things up. Unsurprisingly, the harder you try to fix it, the worse the situation becomes.

Stop whatever you’re doing, sit back and take several long, deep breaths.

This will help you to prevent or push away the panic attack that is rising. What’s more, it stretches your lung, pumps oxygen to your brain and allows you to calm down and relax.

Ignore Your Current Situation And Find Gratitude Outside Of It

Unless you are on fire literally, ignore your current situation. If you keep focusing on the terrible reality you are facing, you will not be able to find any gratitude.

But if you stop dwelling on the thought of how messy your life is, the connection between your thought and your feeling breaks, making it more difficult for you to remember why it bothers you so much in the first place.

So no matter what you are doing, the best thing to do is to take a step back, ignore your current situation and find gratitude somewhere else.

Make a list of the things you are grateful for and write down the reason why. This will not only shift your focus from negativity to positivity but also deepen the positive emotions to your brain.

Get To Know Your Emotions From A Different Perspective

So what is it exactly you are feeling in your current situation?

You are mad, angry, confused or all of that?

But really, your current situation, whatever it is, cannot bring you that many feelings. It can give you one or two, and that’s it.

However, your feelings and memories, especially negative ones, are like all the dominoes in a chain. Once you drop one, all will fall. You mess up one time, all the bad memories return to convince you that your life is done. One feeling triggers another until all of them collapse. And you are left feeling broken and vulnerable.

How do you make it stop?

The answer is simpler than you think.

Write down how you feel because of your CURRENT situation. That’s it. No more.

If you just got fired from your job, write down what you truly feel.

“I’m worried I cannot provide my family.”

​“I’m scared I would lose my house.”

​Acknowledge your true feelings. And be grateful that you are still able to feel them. Because a lot of people can’t.

Be Thankful For Being Given Some Challenges

​Imagine when things are going your way. “Life is great!”.

​But what if when everything is going your way all the time? What will you feel?

​Remember when you are a kid and you didn’t know how to brush your teeth? At that time, brushing your teeth was a challenge and you felt wonderful the first time you did it all by yourself.

​Now you brush your teeth every single day. Do you still feel the victory and the excitement of a conqueror?

​Of course not.

So instead of screaming to the world how messed up and difficult your life is, be thankful for it.

​You know why? Because you will be much stronger after it.

​They are your tests after all. You can make it through, you have what it takes. And that’s how you transform your life, to turn from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Find Hope And Feel Thankful For Life

​If you are still struggling to feel thankful, look around you, do some research and learn what other people have to deal with.

You might don’t know this. But…

​Some people’s lives are in danger. They have to recklessly get out of their house to do things, with a constant fear that a bullet might accidentally shot through their head anytime.

​Some people are starving. They can eat anything they find, but there is nothing left around them.

​Some people are dying from some sickness or diseases. They know they are dying but there is nothing they can do about it.

​Some people’s fanciest dream is to have enough money so none of their children is hungry.

​Some people’s biggest wish is to have something on top of their heads, so their family will not get when under the rain.

​Now, do you still think being fired from your job, having a big fight with your partner or losing an important data is a disaster?

​You see. It’s already a miracle for how well things have been working out for us, how we are still breathing and how we can work to pursue our dreams.

​That miracle doesn’t work for everyone. But it already works for us.

Being Thankful For Every Single Breath You Have Left On Earth

​Imagine this.

Life happens. Again. Some bad things just happened, and they are out of your control.

​Guess what?

​This time, you are going to take a short break, go for a walk while breathing deeply.

​You feel so much better after 5 minutes walking. And you think about your life, 5 minutes ago.

​You feel so silly. Why does it even bother you in the first place? It’s nothing compared to how wonderful your life is. You are so grateful for everything. You are living. You are breathing.

​You know this feeling will vanish soon. But thank God, you can still have feelings. And that’s lovely.

​And you know your chance is right there at the corner.

​Your life is not done. It’s not down the toilet. It just has ups and downs, which you are so indeed grateful for.

​“Thank you, life, for testing me. And I thank you, myself, to give me enough strength to overcome all the obstacles come in my way. Thank you”.

The original article can be found here.

Could You Befriend An Enemy?

In a world where people are divided and turn against each other based on differences, defending ourselves and counterattacking might seem natural. But what if that’s not the only way? Darryl Davis, an African-American man, explores the depths of racism. Going beyond sociologic theory, he interviews Klu Klux Klan members and actually befriends some of them.  

He proves that bringing compassion and understanding to those we oppose can deescalate and even disperse antagonism. People’s hearts and minds can slowly evolve toward peace, love and compassion.

Footage of this incredible man daring to do what seems impossible will open your mind and inspire you to see all that we have in common as human beings. Imagine what the world can look like–feel like–when we view each other as companions. Share this video to spread the love!

You Are Not Your Mind

Our minds are always on the go, if not in overdrive, ruminating about things we have to get done, things we didn’t get done, things we said, didn’t say, will say…These criticisms, worries, and regrets are in infinite supply, flowing effortlessly through our minds constantly. We might not even notice them, but they are certainly not making our days better.

This video portrays a typical day in the life of the over-thinker and the negative energy that expresses itself through all her interactions with the world. But we don’t just have bad days, we make them. How often do we remember that we always have choices? At every turn, we have opportunities to choose peace, and even happiness. This video will open your eyes to the power you have over all situations. Check it out! Pass it on!

You Are NOT Your Mind

Posted by Uplifting Content – Because The World Needs More Of It on Monday, March 21, 2016

Dancing Your Way To A Better Life

In the middle of one of the most dangerous favelas in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, a group of about 40 girls gathers. Thanks to ballet school founder Tuany Nascimento, they are able to escape the pervasive drug war violence of their hometown and find respite through dance. With their focus on camaraderie and improving their ballet skills, they find out they can have dreams worth going for.

Just seeing their hope and joy is enough to make you feel hope and joy, for them and for the  goodness that exists everywhere. Dreams fulfilled are just as possible for them as they are for any of us on this planet. We just need to get together and help each other out. Share this video to pass this inspiring message along!

Favela Ballet

This ballet school in the Favela's in Brazil is giving these girls the opportunity to reach their full potential.Thanks Zinc

Posted by Uplifting Content – Because The World Needs More Of It on Monday, July 17, 2017

Excuse Me, Fear, I’m Coming Through

At twelve years old, Hannah Fraser, a shy girl who didn’t even really like herself, decided to do one scary thing per day. At first she just did small things like raise her hand in class, but over time, her habit of pushing fear aside grew.

Hannah is now the world’s foremost professional mermaid, underwater performance artist, and activist for ocean animals. She swims with sharks and whales and maintains that thinking about what you’re scared of is scarier than actually doing it. So go do it! And share this video so we can all release our inner merperson!

Hannah Fraser was always the shy girl. One day she made the decision to change her life. Now, not only is she a professional mermaid, she is also a marine life activist that swims with sharks. And conquers her fears on a daily Today, I'm Brave

Posted by Uplifting Content – Because The World Needs More Of It on Saturday, August 6, 2016

This Video Will Literally Make You Rethink Life

Prince Ea offers a stunningly simple yet mind-blowing perspective in this spoken word performance. The video shows a diverse group of individuals, all lip-syncing to the same voice. On many levels, we are all the same. Nonetheless, we have been assigned these labels, ones we have even unwittingly accepted. And they aren’t who we really are, any more than wearing a white vs. black shirt makes us who we are!

Labels–about our skin, gender, ideologies, whatever–only lead to artificial separation. And separation has the power to lead even to war.

What about who we are inside? Who would we be without these labels?

Watch this video to really be inspired to see your true self, and others’, as part of a connected, compassionate human race.

Share this beautiful message of love and unity.

Secrets To Finding Fulfillment And Success

It’s all about now. And using the now to thrust yourself, with faith, into the future. You don’t know how things will turn out, but you can trust that if you figure out what you love, and then focus on doing that regardless of others’ opinions, things will work out great.

This video will help show you that there’s a way–led by your intuition, by your courage–to keep starting over even after you’re knocked down. To relentlessly live your life and not anyone else’s.

This montage of powerful video clips and strong words will leave you awe-inspired, shocked, and wanting to be one of those people who goes hard until they make it. It will make you want to see what you’re capable of. You must remember, you are capable of more than you think you are.

So go find out because no one else can but you! Share the video to inspire others too!

Recreating How We See Beauty

As we well know, the media tends to portray beauty according to some pretty narrow guidelines. But don’t we also know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

Meet Mama Cax, a radiant woman who has survived cancer and a right-leg amputation. She was told she had three weeks to live, but she didn’t just survive, she thrived. She started with self-acceptance and self-love and now inspires people around the world.

Check out this short video clip. Whatever outline her body could take, it would be hard to deny her beauty. You see, when you love yourself, it’s kind of contagious.

Share this link to continue challenging beauty standards and spreading self-love!

Challenging Beauty Standards with Mama Cāx

This amazing amputee woman becomes an Instagram sensation who challenges beauty standards all around the world."If you don't love yourself who else is going to?"by: Looking for Heroes

Posted by Uplifting Content – Because The World Needs More Of It on Friday, February 10, 2017

The Kindness Boomerang

So much can happen yet go unnoticed just on one street block. This video follows a trail of good deeds, incredibly all with one camera and in one take.

This is proof that everyone can do little things to make someone’s day better, and it doesn’t have to cost money. Just watch what the homeless man does. Everyone has so much to give, even if only a smile, that can go such a long way. This video shows the ripple effect kindness can have, and the idea that eventually it comes all the way back around. The givers become receivers and vice versa. It’s a beautiful balance.

It’s so easy to be kind–it actually feels great to give–and you have no idea how far your gesture will carry. So really why not be nice whenever possible? Watch and pass this video along. Who knows, maybe it’ll come back to you.