Dancing Your Way To A Better Life

In the middle of one of the most dangerous favelas in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, a group of about 40 girls gathers. Thanks to ballet school founder Tuany Nascimento, they are able to escape the pervasive drug war violence of their hometown and find respite through dance. With their focus on camaraderie and improving their ballet skills, they find out they can have dreams worth going for.

Just seeing their hope and joy is enough to make you feel hope and joy, for them and for the  goodness that exists everywhere. Dreams fulfilled are just as possible for them as they are for any of us on this planet. We just need to get together and help each other out. Share this video to pass this inspiring message along!

Favela Ballet

This ballet school in the Favela's in Brazil is giving these girls the opportunity to reach their full potential.Thanks Zinc

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I Just Sued The School System!!!

Five days a week, children must go to school, where they are placed among peers and taught the same subjects in the same classroom set up that we’ve been using for the last 150 years. Then, if they don’t succeed in these few subjects, by taking the same tests from the same books as everyone else, they are made to feel inferior and even worthless.

The result is that all these children end up thinking they aren’t smart, when really they just haven’t been given the opportunity to find their genius. In fact, the archaic set up of the school system actually discourages the blossoming of their individual talents.

In this video, Prince Ea is suing the school system for killing progression, creativity, and individuality. In front of a courtroom jury, he makes a compelling case for reform like you’ve never seen before.

Watch and be a member of the jury yourself. Then share if you agree!  

All Parents Should Read This Letter From A High School Principal

When kids pour their efforts and talents into schoolwork, yet still receive a less than perfect grade, it can feel like a part of themselves has been rejected–marked as not good enough. This feeling can sink in, take hold, and have long-lasting effects on self-confidence. Lower self-confidence leads to lower achievement, leading to negative consequences that just multiply and effect all of us.  

Because educational institutions, with their grade policies and standards, have been in place for so long, we sometimes accept the status quo without being aware of these ramifications. This video reveals a refreshing perspective we don’t often hear.

Watch as Jay shetty reads this letter to parents written by a principal in Singapore. The letter reminds parents that we all have different interests and strengths, and poor school grades won’t take away their children’s dreams. It reminds parents to react to all grades with love and without judgement.

Watch and share this video to support the youth and their growth of individual talent!

Don't limit a child's potential

Don't limit a child's potential! Please share this!

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Denzel Washington’s Secrets To Success

One of the most famous movie actors, Denzel Washington, delivers quite the commencement speech at Dillard University. He was never a model student, which we find out when he admits to having a 1.7 college GPA, so you can imagine the way he must have felt about his future prospects. But one day, a woman at the beauty parlor had a prophecy for him. (You’ll have to watch the video to find out what it was.)

What we can learn from him is that we’ll never know how the future will be, but by setting goals, and dreaming big, we can at least know we will eventually be successful.

To get there, Denzel has some concise, memorable, wise words (and the experience to back it up). Watch and share this video because it applies to everyone, not just college grads!

Denzel Washington – Make a Difference

This woman made an incredible prediction to Denzel Washington

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Travel The World While Getting A Degree

The best time to travel the world just might be while you’re in college. Even better would be to travel the world and go to college at the same time, right? Global Degree Academy will take you to 20 countries, and that’s in just eight months. And all for the same price as college tuition. With online courses and a traveling professor, the world becomes your Ivy League classroom–and your playground, and your home.

Watch this video to take advantage of an experience to last a lifetime. If you have that feeling that you don’t want to sit still or feel limited, then get up and go!

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Global Degree Academy

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How To Travel The World Without Breaking The Bank

Take a look at this beautiful video! The breathtaking shots of places all over the world make it look so easy to just go anywhere. And actually, with this Global Degree program, it is kinda easy.

All you have to do is imagine the world as you would like it to be, and take action. This video encourages you to let go of things you can’t control. And then, go make your dreams a reality! The possibilities are up to you.

Check out the link for some more life-enhancing lessons and thought-provoking questions. If you have that feeling inside you that you want to get up and see the world for all its beauty and opportunity, watch this, be inspired and go for it! Share these great travel tips.


6 Concepts To Help You Afford Travelling The World.by the AWESOME Global Degree

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