How To Travel The World Without Breaking The Bank

Take a look at this beautiful video! The breathtaking shots of places all over the world make it look so easy to just go anywhere. And actually, with this Global Degree program, it is kinda easy.

All you have to do is imagine the world as you would like it to be, and take action. This video encourages you to let go of things you can’t control. And then, go make your dreams a reality! The possibilities are up to you.

Check out the link for some more life-enhancing lessons and thought-provoking questions. If you have that feeling inside you that you want to get up and see the world for all its beauty and opportunity, watch this, be inspired and go for it! Share these great travel tips.


6 Concepts To Help You Afford Travelling The the AWESOME Global Degree

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A Few Easy Things You Can Do Today To Change The World

Every day, we have so many opportunities to act in small yet significant ways. These actions don’t take long, and aren’t even difficult. In fact, they really are quite pleasurable. Want to know what I mean? Watch the young man in this video in his daily routine walk through the neighborhood.

To help a stranger, or even change the world, we don’t have to have anything physical to offer. We can all easily be like this guy, and you’ll probably want to be after seeing this touching footage.

The connection, the learning, the understanding, the love that results from passing on kindness is infinite and priceless. Watch this video, share, and make the world better one person at a time!

What Happens When We Stop Putting People In Boxes?

When we look around at other people, we tend to be naturally drawn to people like us. Conversely, we may be repelled by certain types of people who seem very unlike us. But humans are complex, so how can we really know who someone is just by looking at their clothes, skin color, or size? If we do put people in boxes and assign them labels based on how they look, we will surely miss all that lies beneath. And we will never know if there is a loving, life-changing connection waiting to be made.  

The truth is that we all have things–interests, values, experiences, personality–in common, and often more than you would think. Why put limits on our self and others? We have so much to offer and learn from each other.

Watch what happens in this video when people begin to move past some of these barriers. Don’t forget to share this post to remind other to see the connection between us all!

What Happens When We Stop Putting People in Boxes

I absolutely love this! This video will change the way you see people. I genuinely hope everyone shares this today! Credit: TV 2 Thanks Denmark!

Posted by Jay Shetty on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Boy Encounters New, Unexpected Love

A lot of us have been where this boy is in this animated short: the beginning of a confusing, yet incredible, journey of new love. The ups and downs surrounding a new love interest can be overwhelming, not to mention the added uncertainty and shame that can arise when navigating an LGBT romance.

Every moment of this video is captivating. Even though it has no words, the characters, the music, the emotions, the symbolism will just make you want to sigh, or cry, or smile, or… just watch it and see!

Love has no limits. Sometimes it just needs some encouragement to grow and spread. Share this video to spread a beautiful story and message!

Watch The Award-Winning Animated Short, “The Present”

This short but sweet animated video is the winner of over 50 awards. There is so much to get out of this one scene between a kid playing video games and his adorable new present. But you have to promise to get to the end. Then it will all makes sense and likely put a smile on your face.

As we know, things aren’t always as they seem at first, and what looks like a disappointment often ends up revealing the gifts life gives that we couldn’t, or wouldn’t, see before.

Watch this cute, meaningful video and pass it on!

Unlock The Infinite Power Of Your Beliefs

Adam Roa gets our relationship with the world at a fundamental level. It all has to do with what we believe and the resulting thoughts we have. The most incredible part is that the power to change our life experience lies in us, in our belief choices.

Adam mirrors this concept as he frames himself in the center of breathtaking panoramas, expressing his message through heartfelt spoken word.

His words will move to you understand that we are all vital parts of this world and have the power to improve it on both a small–and grand–scale. The key begins with choosing love. And if you choose to watch this video, I think you’ll love it. Then spread the love by sharing the link!

The Secret Of Gaining Control

This Adam Roa video echoes a paradox offered by the Tao Te Ching: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Often we try to control our world’s details in hopes of ensuring happiness, when, really, the best way to gain control is to let it go. Let go of fear, of self-righteousness, of fixed expectations and you’ll find yourself in a firmer place of power.

Roa presents a powerful message here among calming, simple images of nature, the universe, and us: by breathing, we reclaim our birthright as co-creators of our universe. Simple breath literally connects us to everything there is and allows us to see things as they are before we jump to action.

Follow this link to feel a sense of belonging and inalienable control. All you need to do is let go, take a deep breath, and enjoy! Don’t forget to share the video with others!

No More War

In an appeal to come together for love and life, Adam Roa delivers a spoken word about war. He shows us images of battle and people and close-ups of his mouth to get us to listen to what we have done and are continuing to do. He relabels war what it really is: killing people. A lot of people.

He recounts what we’ve lost, how we’ve devastated families, and just how much money plays a part in the destruction. Hear his words, which he proclaims as his weapon of choice. Enact his message: to choose love. And if you want to stand together, share this video to spread the message of love over war!  

No More War by: Adam Roa

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A Super Easy Thing You Can Do Right Now To Help End Racial Injustice

We see the hashtags. We hear the news coming into our living rooms. We know racial injustice is happening every day all around us. But what can we do other than just know it’s happening?

In an earnest spoken word performance, Adam Roa expresses his concern. Concern about the profound effects of racial bigotry. Concern about not knowing what he can do to help. His open, transparent supplication is sure to resonate with many of us who feel helpless.

We don’t always have the answers, but maybe there is no help gesture too small. So Adam starts with what he knows he can do–put these words in this video. He calls for a solution through his poetry, in the hopes that his words will spread through the network of humanity until solutions are drawn forth.

Hear him out, and then with just a click, you can share his words too. You never know, you just might be that vital domino on the path to racial harmony.

Will You Answer The Call?

Ignorance is easy. Blindly following the way things are is too. But lack of awareness comes with uneasiness and struggle.

In this video, Alexi Panos, speaking from the top of a building in Los Angeles, passionately tells us that when we can dedicate to following that path of awakening, the bliss and peace that comes with it is so worth it. We’ll be able to stand in the middle of any situation, chaotic or not, and feel love and peace.  

The world may try to inject fear and hatred into us, but compassion will not let it in. We have the power to choose a path that will better the world. Watch and share this video and see where it leads you.