Backyard Gardening to Feed Yourself and Others

With the advent of a pandemic, many people are contemplating supplementing their groceries with a backyard garden. Homegrown produce can be extremely satisfying to your taste buds and will round out your pantry nicely, and a healthy backyard plot will produce plenty to share. If your family is new to gardening, knowing how to dig in can be a challenge, so Uplifting Content gathered information to help you learn all you need to know about planting, storing, and sharing what you grow.

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Could You Befriend An Enemy?

In a world where people are divided and turn against each other based on differences, defending ourselves and counterattacking might seem natural. But what if that’s not the only way? Darryl Davis, an African-American man, explores the depths of racism. Going beyond sociologic theory, he interviews Klu Klux Klan members and actually befriends some of them.  

He proves that bringing compassion and understanding to those we oppose can deescalate and even disperse antagonism. People’s hearts and minds can slowly evolve toward peace, love and compassion.

Footage of this incredible man daring to do what seems impossible will open your mind and inspire you to see all that we have in common as human beings. Imagine what the world can look like–feel like–when we view each other as companions. Share this video to spread the love!

You Are Not Your Mind

Our minds are always on the go, if not in overdrive, ruminating about things we have to get done, things we didn’t get done, things we said, didn’t say, will say…These criticisms, worries, and regrets are in infinite supply, flowing effortlessly through our minds constantly. We might not even notice them, but they are certainly not making our days better.

This video portrays a typical day in the life of the over-thinker and the negative energy that expresses itself through all her interactions with the world. But we don’t just have bad days, we make them. How often do we remember that we always have choices? At every turn, we have opportunities to choose peace, and even happiness. This video will open your eyes to the power you have over all situations. Check it out! Pass it on!

You Are NOT Your Mind

Posted by Uplifting Content – Because The World Needs More Of It on Monday, March 21, 2016

Heart Break or Lucky Escape?

Sometimes what seems like the biggest deal in the world is really just a matter of perspective. Heart break, no doubt, can be absolutely crushing. It’s so easy to only see what’s right in front of us, which can consume our consciousness and negate opportunity, love, and the utter vastness of this world.

This short video will give you a little wake up–a way to really see the significance and size of your problems in a new way. Get ready for an out of this world trip and a perspective like no other. Click this link whenever you feel an impending downward spiral and need a boost!

Dancing Your Way To A Better Life

In the middle of one of the most dangerous favelas in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, a group of about 40 girls gathers. Thanks to ballet school founder Tuany Nascimento, they are able to escape the pervasive drug war violence of their hometown and find respite through dance. With their focus on camaraderie and improving their ballet skills, they find out they can have dreams worth going for.

Just seeing their hope and joy is enough to make you feel hope and joy, for them and for the  goodness that exists everywhere. Dreams fulfilled are just as possible for them as they are for any of us on this planet. We just need to get together and help each other out. Share this video to pass this inspiring message along!

Favela Ballet

This ballet school in the Favela's in Brazil is giving these girls the opportunity to reach their full potential.Thanks Zinc

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Excuse Me, Fear, I’m Coming Through

At twelve years old, Hannah Fraser, a shy girl who didn’t even really like herself, decided to do one scary thing per day. At first she just did small things like raise her hand in class, but over time, her habit of pushing fear aside grew.

Hannah is now the world’s foremost professional mermaid, underwater performance artist, and activist for ocean animals. She swims with sharks and whales and maintains that thinking about what you’re scared of is scarier than actually doing it. So go do it! And share this video so we can all release our inner merperson!

Hannah Fraser was always the shy girl. One day she made the decision to change her life. Now, not only is she a professional mermaid, she is also a marine life activist that swims with sharks. And conquers her fears on a daily Today, I'm Brave

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This Video Will Literally Make You Rethink Life

Prince Ea offers a stunningly simple yet mind-blowing perspective in this spoken word performance. The video shows a diverse group of individuals, all lip-syncing to the same voice. On many levels, we are all the same. Nonetheless, we have been assigned these labels, ones we have even unwittingly accepted. And they aren’t who we really are, any more than wearing a white vs. black shirt makes us who we are!

Labels–about our skin, gender, ideologies, whatever–only lead to artificial separation. And separation has the power to lead even to war.

What about who we are inside? Who would we be without these labels?

Watch this video to really be inspired to see your true self, and others’, as part of a connected, compassionate human race.

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I Just Sued The School System!!!

Five days a week, children must go to school, where they are placed among peers and taught the same subjects in the same classroom set up that we’ve been using for the last 150 years. Then, if they don’t succeed in these few subjects, by taking the same tests from the same books as everyone else, they are made to feel inferior and even worthless.

The result is that all these children end up thinking they aren’t smart, when really they just haven’t been given the opportunity to find their genius. In fact, the archaic set up of the school system actually discourages the blossoming of their individual talents.

In this video, Prince Ea is suing the school system for killing progression, creativity, and individuality. In front of a courtroom jury, he makes a compelling case for reform like you’ve never seen before.

Watch and be a member of the jury yourself. Then share if you agree!  

Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives

We are all here for a limited amount of time, so let’s live a fulfilling life while we can! Asked their biggest regrets, people near end of life say it’s the things they didn’t do. So if your life were to come to the end right now, what would you regret not doing?

Prince Ea offers the idea that we are here to live out our dream, but we don’t choose dreams; they choose us. And if we don’t follow them, we end up depriving not only ourselves, but everyone else of the gifts we have to offer.

All we need is courage to go for the dream that picks us. Of course there will be struggles along the way, (that’s part of it) but the alternative is the struggle of regret for not really living, for allowing doubt to snuff out our flame that has the potential to light up the world.

There is no do over. And it’s not too late. What will you do now? Let this video be a catalyst to go out and live the life you want! Don’t forget to share this post to inspire more people!