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How to Travel More If You’re Not Rich

Travel really is one of the most enriching, invigorating, inspiring things we can do, providing an incredible sensory experience which is extremely uplifting and good for the soul.
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gay marriage in Ireland

The Luck of the Irish! Marriage Made Legal for Gay Couples in Northern Ireland

Couples in Northern Ireland rejoice following the news that gay marriage has been approved after Westminster MPs used their prerogative to pass the law on behalf of the region.
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Uplifting and Feel-Good Movies and Film to Get You Back On Track for the Day!

Let's be honest- we all need some help to lift our spirits sometimes and more often than not, a feel-good film can do just the trick.
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How To Find Your Purpose and Live Your Potential

I find that a major cause of anxiety and depression can be a result of feeling unfulfilled in our daily lives, which is often brought on by not living to our fullest potential because we are not fulfilling our true purpose. You may not not
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Google Rewards Irish Teen Fighting Water Pollution With His Unique Invention

An 18 year old student from West Cork, Ireland, has been awarded $50,000 at the Google Science Fair for his revolutionary project. Fionn Ferreira, won the competition for his methodology to remove microplastics from water. Microplastics have proven to be extremely troublesome for the environment
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Time Management 101

How to get the most out of your time, be your most productive self and live your life to the fullest. Do you feel as though you constantly have no time, as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? Alternatively,
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Is Mindfulness The New Mathematics?

Hundreds of schools in the UK introduce mindfulness as a new subject. 370 schools in Great Britain will be teaching Mindfulness to their students, as a part of a study that aims to combat mental health issues among youth today. This study brings the UK
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Meditation and Mindfulness: How Often Are You Fully Present?

Do you meditate? Do you want to but don’t know how or don’t have the time? Meditation is widely-regarded as being an essential daily practice for maintaining a state of presence, calming the mind, controlling anxiety and having awareness of what we are feeling and
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007 is a woman!

Black actress Lashana Lynch is taking over the iconic role… There’s a new spy in town! British actress Lashana Lynch has just been announced as the new 007 in the Bond franchise. Although Daniel Craig will still have the titular role of James Bond, the
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Holland Goes Green!

Holland takes steps to preserve the planet and improve air quality by covering hundreds of bus stops with plants to attract bees! Utrecht, a city in the Netherlands, has covered the roofs of 316 bus stops in sedum plants. Not only does this look beautiful,
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