All Parents Should Read This Letter From A High School Principal

When kids pour their efforts and talents into schoolwork, yet still receive a less than perfect grade, it can feel like a part of themselves has been rejected–marked as not good enough. This feeling can sink in, take hold, and have long-lasting effects on self-confidence. Lower self-confidence leads to lower achievement, leading to negative consequences that just multiply and effect all of us.  

Because educational institutions, with their grade policies and standards, have been in place for so long, we sometimes accept the status quo without being aware of these ramifications. This video reveals a refreshing perspective we don’t often hear.

Watch as Jay shetty reads this letter to parents written by a principal in Singapore. The letter reminds parents that we all have different interests and strengths, and poor school grades won’t take away their children’s dreams. It reminds parents to react to all grades with love and without judgement.

Watch and share this video to support the youth and their growth of individual talent!

Don't limit a child's potential

Don't limit a child's potential! Please share this!

Posted by Jay Shetty on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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