A Woman Who Once Had Just $11.42 To Her Name Now Inspires Millions

Whether you’ve hit rock bottom or not, take just a couple minutes and listen to Lisa Nichols, an inspirational woman who bounced back from her own low point. She sits across from Steve Harvey on his show and articulately and passionately relates her story in a way that will draw you right in and make you want to become a better person for yourself, and for your loved ones.

At one terrifying point, she had nothing more than $11.42 and an eight-month-old son. She’s proof that even when there seems like no way out, there is always a way to be rescued. Lisa’s message to us is that she is her own rescue and we can be ours.

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Lisa Nichols – Rescue Yourself

With her 8-month old son, Lisa Nichols only had $11.42 in the bank.

Posted by Goalcast on Monday, July 31, 2017

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