A Super Easy Thing You Can Do Right Now To Help End Racial Injustice

We see the hashtags. We hear the news coming into our living rooms. We know racial injustice is happening every day all around us. But what can we do other than just know it’s happening?

In an earnest spoken word performance, Adam Roa expresses his concern. Concern about the profound effects of racial bigotry. Concern about not knowing what he can do to help. His open, transparent supplication is sure to resonate with many of us who feel helpless.

We don’t always have the answers, but maybe there is no help gesture too small. So Adam starts with what he knows he can do–put these words in this video. He calls for a solution through his poetry, in the hopes that his words will spread through the network of humanity until solutions are drawn forth.

Hear him out, and then with just a click, you can share his words too. You never know, you just might be that vital domino on the path to racial harmony.

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