A Son Reunites With His Family And Friends

A Son Reunites With His Family And Friends.

Warning: this submission from Carter Carollo may lead to tears of joy.  

Read what he has to say about what he did:

“After I graduated from high school, I left home for 8 months to travel across Latin America with my dad. My absence was hardest on my mom. I booked a flight home a month early to surprise her for mother’s day. Along the way, I surprised many of my friends and family, and was able to capture all of it on video (saved Mom for the end). I suppose what I hope to achieve by this video is to let people know that they are so loved, by their family and by their peers, even when they don’t realize it. Also, I hope to demonstrate, through my mom, that a mother’s love for her child is powerful beyond measure.”

Words cannot describe this series of people’s reactions when they saw Carter. They were so excited and filled with emotion. You know that feeling when you want to see someone you love so much but they’re not there–and then you finally get to? The relief and ecstasy of the contrast between absence and presence brings an expression of pure, beautiful love. This story will make you want to extra-cherish the people you have in your life.

What a gift we’ve been given–to share experiences with people we care about. So why wait for a surprise homecoming when we can express our love all the time?

Share this video with your people as a reminder of how much you love them.

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