A CGI Short Film On How To Deal Effectively With Fear

A CGI Short Film On How To Deal Effectively With Fear.

Some fear literally stops us dead in our tracks–an adrenaline rush and a quickening heartbeat are hardly unnoticeable. Other fear creeps into the background and we don’t notice, or even recognize, at first. But even when we do, it keeps holding us back.

This otherworldly CGI video depicts a way around the fear-bound situations so many of us encounter. The scene is not long but holds layers of figurative meaning to unpack. Read what Aurelija Salickaite has to say about her inspiration for the project:

“It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you if you allow it.” is a short animation I have made myself while in the process of trying to understand fear that was stopping me from living. I made this animation because I was lost between what people say about fear how we need to fight it and not think about it or get away from it and that led me to a very bad place. I would love to continue share it with the world with no purpose other than bringing people together and help spread the visual metaphor.

Spoiler alert: below is Aurelija Salickaite’s perspective on the video’s meaning. If you want to watch first to see how you interpret it, skip to the link now. But don’t forget to come back and read her intended message!  

“Explanation and meaning behind it: “The light, the energy, gives power to the person’s heart, and with her eyes closed she moves towards that inner light. When she falls, the doubt, the fear, comes out. And the idea is that the fear grows and moves with the person. She tries to understand the fear, and notices that it moves like she moves. It is a part of her rather than something to get away from. The goal is that the person manages to take a step. And that is all you need, because fear will always be there. Only with conscious understanding of it’s existence we can move with it.”

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